Potato Grading Machine

Apart from grading vegetables on the basis of size, color and weight, this Vegetable Grading Machine is also capable of washing these via different washing technique. This equipment is especially suitable for herbs and leafy vegetables. Driven by PLC mechanism, this low noise equipment has been designed for vegetables of different shapes. Water for washing is supplied via high flow of air to reduce the possibility of collision among vegetables. This Vegetable Grading Machine is equipped with stainless steel conveyor belt, steel square pipe made frame, steel plate made guide course and metal tank with thick wall based design. Consistent water supply, food grade stainless steel contact parts and latest water speed regulation technique are some of its main characteristics.


  • Stainless steel guide course of this machine is treated with hemming process.
  • This equipment has stainless steel made protect plate and thick punching plate.
  • Welded frame of this machine helps to reduce its noise level.
  • Low operating cost
Product Image (Garlic Grading Machine)

Onion Grading Machine

Price: 965000 INR/Piece

Feeding Elevator Sorting Table Screen Sizer

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Potato Grading Machine

Price: 550000/Unit
  • Delivery Time:30 to 45 Days
  • Supply Ability:1 Per Month