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Seed Processing Plant

Preparing of seeds is performed in our Seed Processing Plant grounded on at least one varying physical properties of seed (i.e.) color, surface texture, shape, weight, length, size, electrical conductivity and proclivity to the fluid. In preparing, the first stage comprises shelling, hulling, debearding, and scalping to influence the seed to stream promptly through the cleaner and grader (molding and pre-cleaning). In addition, the second stage of provided Seed Processing Plant incorporates the evacuation of latent material, weed seeds, other product and broken seeds, which are bigger or littler than the yield seed. In the last stage, the undesirable material is isolated from the seed.

Key Features:
  • Stages comprise of debearding, scalping, and so on
  • Seed stream promptly through the grader
  • Powerful expulsion of weed seeds, and so on
  • Isolating and updating is possible
Grain Processing Plant
Grain Processing Plant
Price's of Grain Processing Plant :-
  • Capacity 500 Kg/hour: Rs. 8,50,000/-
  • Capacity 1 Ton/hour: Rs. 10,60,000/-
  • Capacity 2 Ton/hour: Rs. 13,50,000/-
  • Capacity 4 Ton/ Hour: Rs. 17,50,000/-
Mobile Seed Processing Plant
Mobile Seed Processing Plant
Processing of seeds is based on :
  • Seed size, length, weight, shape,
  • Seed surface texture, colour,
  • Affinity to liquid
  • Electrical conductivity
Agro Seed Processing Plant
Agro Seed Processing Plant
Specifications :-
  • Capacity : 2–2.5 ton/HR
  • Types of machne : Cleaning & Grading
  • Grade : 3 type
  • Brand : Agro Asian